Bed bugs

This morning I woke up to a tiny hand on my cheek. “Thats strange!”, I thought as I rolled over to find Joe snuggling in between Melissa and I. Evidently Joe had woken early this morning (like 2AM early) to a bad dream and maybe a little gum pain. Tooth #5 seems to have finished its breakthrough and we think #6 is starting to make a move.
Other interesting things to note, Joe tried to share his drink with Melissa at lunch … one sip for Joe and one for mommy. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen … oh how he is growing. Apparently, this is nothing new to her … she tells me stories of him feeding her cheerios – only to try and take it back 😉 Kids will be kids eh?

One thought on “Bed bugs

  1. Oh that’s funny about the Cheerios, I can totally see it 🙂 Wow, so #5 is out eh? I never did end up seeing it on Sunday. I looked but that Joe is too wily!