Minority once more

From cbc.ca, Total seats: 308

Well, this election I was confused. Even had a long-winded posting about the indecision that I faced, just became too disjointed to publish. Though, I must say, even with being out of the country I seem to be on the same page.
This is probably the best result that could have come from this election. The Liberals have been in power for 12 years and were getting complacent, but continue to play into Canada’s “middle-ground” value system. The conservatives have several great initiatives and new ideas, but need to be held back from imposing to many extremely conservative social ideals. And Quebec only gave 42.08% of the popular vote to the Bloc which is hopefully enough to quell any separatist desires for the time.
Paul Martin is now stepping down as leader as the Liberal party will hopefully go through some rebuilding. Maybe the Honourable Belinda Stronach will be up for running. A conservative businesswoman with liberal tendencies might just be the right choice — though she does not appear to be one of the favorites.

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