Weekend vacation

Our view from the condo
This past weekend we joined Jae and Cynthia, along with Christopher, Shannon, and Rich for a weekend excursion to Orlando. Staying at my old stomping grounds of Vistana Resorts we packed in a weekend of mini-golf, tennis, swimming, shopping, and general all-round relaxation.

The kids all got to play together for hours, and I must say things wore off. Joe finally started clapping almost as soon as we got home, something Jordan has had masters for weeks now. The girls also appeared to be much more confident about standing as Joe gave them lessons on walking … also known as the parent heart attack.
It was all-round fun … thanks guys. We think we should do this at least once every two months … its only fair to the kids you know!

Joe was showing me how it was done

Mom tried her hand before we finished the round

Before dinner we toured the mall

Christopher’s B-Day dinner, mmmm mmm good!

Snapshots for the ages

2 thoughts on “Weekend vacation

  1. Sorry we missed your call on Sunday. Did Vistana seem different to you as an adult than it did as a kid? Looks like you had a great time. Only 5 weeks or 35 days till we come down there. It will be a long flight leaving Calgary at 0:32am and arriving in Tampa at 2:10 (which is 12:10 our time) totaling almost 12 hours. We have a five hour stop in Toronto. Maybe Aunt Jackie will join us for breakfast.