Quite the year

Last year, at this time, we found ourselves eating dinner at Whitespot in Calgary and talking about the year to come with Kurtis. That seems so long ago today…
Joe ran into the world at full speed and has not slowed down since. In the 8 months, he has learned to sleep, eat, smile, laugh, say “hi” and “dada”, roll over, crawl, and now entertaining the idea of walking. He has started to grow hair, cut four teeth, and grown out of most of his cloths. He officially registered as a Canadian, obtained a SIN number, and enjoyed a Maple Leafs vs Lightning hockey game. He has really learn to capture the excitement in life … and added so much to ours.
We also enjoyed the release of the Screen Saver Menu utility, finally one of my projects/ideas made it into the world … and I have managed 3800 downloads and 44 sales so far. Work has already started on the next version which will add a couple more features and improve on the old ones.
Melissa had excitement in the purchase of her first car and it quickly become our main family vehicle. Now, if only we could “fix” that alarm 😉 2005 also brought us back home for the “Baby Bahan Tour” … it was great to see everyone again. From old friends to family to our old stomping grounds, we just wish it was longer.
Otherwise, life continued much as is. Ultimate on Thursdays … work during the week … and otherwise “Joe time” (use to be family time). We have met several new friends in Christopher and Shannon, Jae and Cynthia, and Josh and Jenna which has been so wonderful. We seem to be getting together regularly which is so needed with first time parents (what do you do when he/she does this??? … are they doing that too??? … H-E-L-P!!!! … etc), but it has also been great for socializing (both for us and Joe).
So what does 2006 bring…
More excitement I am sure. It is looking like I will be taking a couple lead positions at work which is great for my career (well, guess depends on how I do). So I am really excited about that. We are continuing to pay off our bills, which should be gone by the middle of this year if we budget correctly. And I plan to continue to keep you all up-to-date with the website, I have really enjoyed sharing all our activities with you. Creating the movies and snapping the pictures have been a blast … so plan on more in the new year.
And as a family, here is a quick list of our resolutions:
> Get Joe out on the ice (with walking just around the corner … this might happen before the season is over)
> Get out rollerblading again … regularly
> Get back to the wild, we enjoyed camping and it is about time to introduce it to Joe
> Take Joe to the Kennedy Space Center
> Look at taking up hockey again … just need the gear
> Get back on the golf course … Josh has got me hooked again
> Catch a shuttle launch … if they fly this year
> Complete and release another “project” as shareware
> Payoff our remaining debt
> Secure a down-payment … and maybe even the house
> Pick up a new computer (maybe used … but new for us)
> Next year, be with family for christmas … we really missed you guys this year
And one wish we have for 2006 as 2005 gets recoded in the books and Zeta winds down in the Atlantic, less storms!

Snapped from the CNN storm page

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