3 steps forward

Needless to say, lunch was exciting today. While playing with mom in the living room, Joe decided to let go of her knee and take three … count ’em 1-2-THREE … steps towards me, who was quietly eating my lunch and watching TV. Well, so much for lunch. We spent the rest of my lunch break letting Joe attempt to walk between Melissa and I or walking him around the house. Joe was so happy with himself … he was so determined to continue trying he did not even _want_ to sit down. Wow … we are so proud. For note: he continued to manage to walk up-to three steps though we are still fighting balance. His body goes … but the legs often fail to follow!!!! But I am sure he will pick it up in no time.
Growing by leaps and bounds … leaps and bounds I say. And eating us out of house and home to keep the energy up. He polished off the equivalent of 3-4 baby bottles of peas, at least 1 bottle of carrots, and 3 Arrowroot cookies (Dad also had 2 … yummmy!). And that was just for lunch … AND he was still asking for more … house and home I say!

5 thoughts on “3 steps forward

  1. He’s growing up so fast. Once he figures out how to walk, watch out. Climbing will be the next thing. Christopher is climbing on everything: Toys, Chairs, old cardboard boxes. You name it, if it’s taller than the floor, he wants to be up on it.

  2. Yep … I sense that on the horizon. He is already having fun trying to climb on Melissa, myself … or whoever/whatever he can pull himself onto. And with that devilish grin of his … you know he is already plotting something 🙂

  3. The sleepers sliding off the feet can make walking difficult. Socks or bare feet work well. Brings back memories!!! Next he’ll be learning how to climb out of his crib. At least he doesn’t have a partner in crime (aka – a twin). Uncle Kurt and Auntie Kari had a plan all figured out and they couldn’t even talk yet. Have fun. He’ll actually be steady on his feet the next time we see him.