Santa time

This past weekend Melissa, Joe, Patricia and Krishen took a trip to Tampa to drop Nkosi’s mother at the airport … and on their way back they stopped off at the mall for a treat. It was Joe’s first visit to Santa,

And I want … and a … and a … and …
Then Joe took them around the mall to show Mom what he told Santa he was looking for …

… see Mom, isn’t it great

But in other news, cooked up lunch for myself and Nkosi yesterday. Someone should tell Melissa to keep me out of the kitchen. By 4:00 I had a headache … and by 4:30 I was “not feeling well”. So, Melissa snagged me from the office and then dragged me down to the ER (grrr! … I just wanted a bed).
They doped me up and I slept with an IV in me for the next 4 hours … great fun. Thanks dear. Turns out shellfish can sometimes be a little hard on the stomach … especially when you let me cook it in a fry pan for lunch and no supervision. Oh well … today I am completely back to normal (maybe a slight headache – but I am missing coffee too) and the hospital visit was probably a bit too much. Yet, Melissa felt that shellfish can be quite ‘funny’ and it was better to be safe … than well … you know the story. She is probably right.
At least the staff enjoyed themselves. I apparently am a great demo toy (look ma’am I make mannequins for this). Plus, Joe is great at making friends wherever he goes … so we were treated well.

2 thoughts on “Santa time

  1. Great post — very funny description of what I’m sure was not a fun experience.
    (For those who are interested, I have an alternate blog now, while my main one is at the shop)