Who done it?

Patches the cat has requested the help of the general public in the hunt for her food thief. “One minute it was there … the next it was vandalized, scattered, … STOLEN.”, says Miss Patches. The theft occurred sometime after 8:15pm when, it is believed, the culprit was placed on the kitchen floor to free his mothers hands while she cleaned up. Next thing she new there was cat food all over the floor and the suspect was making a get away.
If you have any information regarding this crime, please call immediately.

Suspect: blonde hair, blue eyes, ~27″ tall

2 thoughts on “Who done it?

  1. Yep!!! You have to watch out for the cat/dog food. Bethany did the same thing and now Christopher is doing it. When the door is open to the laundry room, where the dog food is located, Christopher goes straight for it.
    It’s amazing how fast they can move when they are after something they’re not suppose to have.
    My only thing is why does Christopher want to eat the dog food when he will not eat his baby food or much of anything else?