Joe and “The Girls”

The boy with his girls … they’ve grown so much!
Last night we once again gathered with our Lamaze clique for a Christmas gathering. The girls all showed up sporting their fanciest dresses and Joe in his best suit. Man have these kids grown … and each one has their own set of new “tricks” that kept us all entertained. We enjoyed good food while crafting a homemade ornament for the tree (a foot print with two hands makes a great Rudolph) and boasting about the latest achievements (or enquiring about the horrors of what is coming next).
It was a great time … sadly this will likely be the last meeting of all six families. One of the little ones is making the move to Jacksonville early in the new year. It is sad to see them leave, but we know the opportunity is great and we are excited for them. It has been really fun getting to know you!

Getting into the Christmas spirit
On a side note, it seems like the west coast is getting a bit of snow. Which is never good in Vancouver (such a funny commentary – you have got to read it). But … we really understand what they are going through … this morning it was a chilly 20 deg celcuis, and tomorrow it is expected to drop to 16 – BrrrrrR! Time to pull out the winter jackets.
Photos by Christopher

2 thoughts on “Joe and “The Girls”

  1. oh poor poor you sitting at a nice warm 20°C, it’s -10°C to -15°C here! And it’s only going to get colder 🙂