Hockey subjection

Just because we live in Florida does not mean that Joe should miss out on the ‘hockey experience’. So Darren, Krishen, Melissa, Joe, and I all headed to Tampa to enjoy the match between the Lightning and the Maple Leafs. We were a little late getting there … well, a little late leaving and “problems” on the drive (apparently Joe decided he did not like his dinner … after he ate!!!!)

Joe had his ticket
We did miss a large part of the first period (and Toronto’s only goal), but we got to enjoy plenty of action over the second two. While the officiating still needs a lot of work, the game was a close one with lots of chances and great saves for both sides. And … the most important thing … Joe seemed to really enjoy the whole experience; the lights, the music, the game … and the people! (He is such an entertainer!) Now … when does the lake freeze down here ???

Photo’s taken by Krishen … thanks!

3 thoughts on “Hockey subjection

  1. Hello Joseph:
    You are so adorable and grandma misses your smiley face! You look so dashing in your christmas outfit with all of your little girlfriends….hummmmm….an indication of things to come?
    Give mom and dad a big kiss and hug for me, and tell mommy to give you one from Grandma,
    love to all, grandma (and yes, we got snow twice also….in Victoria!)