“Come on Grandpa … enough Dr. Suess … what about Fuzzball?”
Well, things happen in threes … and visits from the grandparents seem to be no different. This last month has seen my mother and grandmother, Melissa’s mother, and last week Melissa’s dad … and Joe has just enjoyed every minute of it. Grandpa read stories, gave piggybacks, watched swimming lessons, and even let him drive the rig … wow … talk about excitement!
Now, it is time for us to sit back … and enjoy the holidays. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and without Amy and Erik in town we thought we would try and put a little something together – and with Jae and Cynthia’s help it might just happen. Ohhhh, and Christmas is around the corner … the tree is up and decorations purchased … all we need is a little help from friends and we should finally (after 4 years) get some Christmas spirit into our house (heck … the carols are already playing)!!!!

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