4 thoughts on “Chomp!

  1. Just a minute now…..Joe was just a baby when I was there 2 weeks ago!! and now he goes potty and can eat steak!!! and he walks??
    How does this happen??? It must have been all that shopping with the ladies!
    I just remember him gumming grandma with his slobery kisses and winning over the masses with that toothless grin!
    He must have gained some weight by now also?
    Joe – can you write grandma a letter or maybe call me? better yet – just come for a visit(and bring mom and dad).
    xoxo grandma

  2. Cam and Melis – can you check out my new webiste (which is supposed to go live Thursday morning) and let me know what you think.
    Any navigational errors? any blatant typos?
    still much work to do, but we are making progress (it’s just like cutting teeth)!