Degression into Geekland

The cow from, a regular read of mine
So, last night I stayed up late … hooked up some headphones … and leaned back against the pillows of bedopia to watch the Evening at Adler. A conversation on Mac development through the eyes of some of the most prominent names in the community, at least in the independent Mac software community. (more info)
Just listening to these guys explain some of the ins and outs of writing and supporting applications from the point of view of one-man shops (or very small outfits) was extremely interesting. They discussed everything from current and future technologies to development best practices to how to operate as an “independent”. All of which is relevant for both my “day” job as well as my fun hobby-ish excursions. With the release of the Screen Saver Menu, I have been dealing with supporting customers, defining and developing the next release, and looking to other projects I have promised to myself. So listening to these guys, the successful, is a great inspiration to continue going.
Thanks DB for putting on the show and then posting it for community at large.

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