10 years … starting now!

Shot from back at his introduction to swimming
This week Joe had his first swim lesson. Though swimming is not new to him we figured we would encourage the habit and … heck … he enjoys the water 🙂 Takes you back doesn’t it … oh, isn’t it good to have movies lying around for just such an occasion?
Otherwise, last week included Joe’s 6 month “check-up”…

The concern is that Joe gained only 2 ounces over the last 2 months … and looking back … moved from the 95th percentile at about month one to the 10th percentile today. Overall … things to be concerned about. We are suppose scheduled for another checkup next Wednesday since “the scales may have been wrong” … however, our own monitoring has shown the same data. So, worry and stress levels around here are a bit higher as we ponder the causes … everything from poor nutrition to Cystic Fibrosis.
Now, each child has their own growth patterns … some in spurts and some gradually. Joe has had a couple colds (though did not really lose an appetite ). Erratic movement on these statistical charts is not uncommon. And most importantly, he has not yet lost weight. He eats plenty, developmentally seems to be on track, is quite active, and is quite the happy baby.
We will be looking to do some tests in the next couple days to ease our minds. At the very least will be talking to the doctor again soon.

3 thoughts on “10 years … starting now!

  1. Hey guys! I am glad you are taking Joe back to the doctor. Its always great to ease your minds anyway. But just to ease it alittle more, Ryan went from the 80 percentile to 5th in about a month when he was about 7 months old. The next month he was back up to the 50th and that is where he has always stayed. 🙂 So it does happen. Good luck and please keep me updated. Kisses from Auntie Theresa!

  2. Sounds to me like we just need to do more pizza and beer night’s chez moi. Oh, wait, he just enjoys the hockey and sleeps. Well, we could still try! I think I gain weight just at the smell of the pizza, might work for him.

  3. I wouldn’t get too concerned just yet guys but it’s always best to be on the safe side. Joe still looks pretty healthy to me. Just remember he is working a lot harder now in his attempts to get mobile thus using up a lot of energy.(which by the way just turns to weight if not used—-just ask me) Even climbing all those stairs at your place didn’t counteract what I consumed!