The ants go matching one by one…

Snapshot of the ant highway
So yesterday we found our house placed in the direct path of a newly constructed by-pass. The path started behind the baseboard by my toilet … wrapped across the tub … along the front wall … across the cupboards … through the door … along our bedroom wall … over our closet … down behind our bedroom door … out into the living room … and along the 15 ft wall towards Melissa’s bathroom.
The epic battle that resulted took our war against the “Ants” to a whole new level. It was a massacre of hundreds, if not thousands, of ants. Pets control will be called in once more this week (for the 4th or 5th time over the last 2 months). In the mean time, I have reset the ant traps and am hunting down and killing all those I find (“Shout” spray bottles work well).

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