The sun is shining

Joe was never worried
The sky is blue and the sun is once more shining … the storm has passed and now we have to figure out how to enjoy the rest of the day. Work gave us the day off since the building was going to be closed until 1 PM – and what can you really do in 4 hours on a Monday afternoon 😉
The details: the storm hit just south of Naples (about 130 miles or 210 km south of us) at about 6:30 AM this morning. The rain started just as we left Auntie Rose’s, dumping pretty good on our way home, but the wind held off until about 2 AM not really picking up much strength until just after 5 AM, just before the storm made landfall … and in 4 hours it had pretty much crossed the state. The was a cat. 3 storm on the west coast, falling to a high cat 2 by the east coast and the Atlantic ocean … so it was a decent sized storm. We were protected by the low pressure system that is now bringing the clear skies and colder weather … ahhh … how refreshing!

3 thoughts on “The sun is shining

  1. Glad to hear that you all weathered the storm in one piece. So, what did the (great)grandmas think of the storm? 😉

  2. The remnants of the storms you guys keep getting end up going over were i am in Quebec. So the weather has been pretty gross here. I am glad to hear the storm went south of you. According to what was put on the news there was a fair bit of damage to places closer to the eye. I hope the two grandmas have a safe trip home.