Florida excitement

Mom and Grandma (or should I say Grandma and G.Grandma) have been enjoying the hot humid weather down here in the sunshine state. Friday we enjoyed a day trip to Mote Marine before enjoying some dinner and a movie at Christopher’s.
Today we enjoyed a trek through Selby Botanical Gardens with Jae and Cynthia (and of course Jordan). Unfortunately Joe has been feeling under the weather this week so he and Melissa stayed behind and enjoyed a quieter afternoon – he has been such a trooper even though he has been sick. Makes a dad proud.
And for the other excitement spinning down on us, Wilma is just passing the Cancun and Cozemel area. The track is still heading a little south of Sarasota but we are still in the probability cone – so we continue to watch the updates. The storm has been downgraded to a cat. 2 at this moment, however, at its worst it logged in as the strongest storm on record. For those concerned family members you can keep up-to-date at the Hurricane Center. In prep we managed to convince (oh is was hard) Mom and Grandma to stay a couple more days … now leaving Wednesday morning, they will be getting in 2:42pm Wed. Calgary time. Joe is happy!

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