Pulling the trigger

So, I decided to make the jump and just get the Screen Saver Menu out the door. I have been puttering on bug fixes and tweaks for several weeks … and now it was time to ship. So, after getting the package together and doing a test run … I sent out the emails.

As found on Version Tracker
I have yet to see things on any of the “news” sites that I sent it to (MacMinute, MacSurfer, MacNN, and macintouch), but this was a learning opportunity so we will see when (or if) they ever put it out. I will have to look back at the process so I can learn what to do better next time. However, it has been posted on Version Tracker … and I have logged 83 downloads to this point (just over 9 hours after it was released).

This is fun and exciting … as it always is when you release a product. If you know of other sites where products can be submitted – let me know.

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