New wheels

Melissa and Joe show off their new ride
Well, what can I say. The Grand AM is a nice ride. Smooth, quiet, and solid handling. With an included CD player, power locks, remote key system, cruise control, and the biggest feature -A/C, we have already found this to be a loved member of our family. The car is in great shape for being seven years old and 107,500 miles (173,000 km). And the V6 engine still pumps out some good power, we are going to have to give it a couple weeks to see what the fuel economy is like – but the original stickers marked it as almost as good as our Cavalier.
Melissa is really excited as this is her first car, truck, and/or van … heck she hasn’t even owned an SUV. This week will be a learning experience as we officially transfer the ownership, insurance, and registration … but we look forward to our first out of town excursion next weekend (Orlando here we come).

6 thoughts on “New wheels

  1. Congratulations for the new car. It looks very nice! Good luck for the trip to Orlando (I hope you’ll get in less trouble than me…) Kiss

  2. Nice looking car. I’m sure you all will enjoy having the A/C for the long trips. Makes it easier to talk without all the noise from the rolled down windows.

  3. I love the color! I guess I’ll get a ride pretty soon. I’ll let you know my flight times soon. Mom B