Happy days

Two little ones sleep while the parents play – photo by Krishen
It started yesterday with pizza and a movie, The Aviator – I rank it about 3.5 stars – good acting with an interesting historical plot but the story dragged a bit). By 2:30AM we finally called it bed time. We did not wake the next morning until close to 10AM – good sleep for us and an excellent sleep for Joe who managed a full 13 hours (at least that is what he is telling us).
By noon, we decided a day trip picnic with friends would be fun … so I put off the finishing touches of the Screen Saver Menu (due out any day now) and we packed the car to head north. Fort Desoto Park is about 30 minutes north of us and turned out to be an excellent little park. It had a more rustic, natural feel to the park which housed some excellent picnic areas, bike/walking/rollerblading trails, canoeing canals, and a historical fort built during the Spannish-Armerican war of 1898. It was a great family day in the sunshine.

Picnic on the shores of the gulf

Overlooking the western shore

One of the “rapid fire rifles” from around 1898

Ready … aim …
Oh, we also found a GREAT deal on a car this weekend that we just could not pass up (Thanks again). Melissa is now the proud owner of a 1998 Pontiac Grand AM … more on this tomorrow …

One thought on “Happy days

  1. Little ones? Has it been so long since I’ve seen you that you’ve had another baby already??? You can add Fort Desoto to the list of places I have actually been thank goodness, I was getting sick of Joe seeing more of FL in 3 months than I have in 10 years!