The move

Joe shows off his new pad
It was bound to happen. Only a matter of time. So, with mom holding back tears, Joe made his first move … into his own room. Melissa has spent the last few days painting every last bit of furniture, shelf, stool, etc that she could lay her hands on. We got reds, greens, yellows, and blues giving new life to items that were relegated to closet storage. It all looked so wonderful … we did the move this weekend.

Joes partition – so colourful

Office area — now more of a crafts area
It turned out to be an all day affair, since we had to figure out what to do all the office stuff … and how we were going to arrange the new bedroom. Well, the iMac made it out onto the kitchen counter — I am writing this from our bar, kinda cool. Email, chats, and music are now that much closer … and our iPod Shuffle can be replaced as our stereo. When we get our new bedroom set Joe will inherit our dresser — if not sooner, depends if Melissa gets into the paint again ๐Ÿ™‚

Now that Joe has a bed … we turn to the rest of the house
Side note: Melissa fits into her jeans … hurray! Life returns to normal … now if we could only get by this “separation” anxiety. Joe took over an hour to get to sleep tonight … and I am expecting the same from Mom. The joys of being the only stable one in the household!

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