Joe looks on as others enjoy a skate
So, last night we headed to JP Igloo for a Friday night skate. Melissa had called earlier that day and was told strollers would be fine for the public skate … but after one lap Joe and I were asked to leave the ice. Liabilities against the rink prevented us from enjoying further (Joe was quite enthralled with people skating). Personally, I think the liability argument is crap … regardless of what occurs on the ice … the rink was not doing anything negligent – maybe us, maybe others on the ice … but not the rink. I do, however, see a case for additional objects being allowed out – thus denying the stroller, not the infant. Just wish there was a way around it … funny, as we went through what things would be “safe” for Joe and the stroller was probably the safest while still enjoying a skate (at least as safe as the sidewalk).
They returned our money due to the misinformation provided earlier in the day and we enjoyed a evening/night with Jae and Cynthia that was not so chilly. (We will return as soon as he can walk)

5 month penalty for being too young

3 thoughts on “Denied

  1. That’s too bad. Read an article several months ago about roller skating rinks up here holding special mom and baby sessions during the day when moms (or dads) can skate around the rink pushing the kids in the strollers. Haven’t ever been to one though. Maybe the ice rink should consider something similar….

  2. I just love that photo with Joe looking out at the people skating. It fits so well with the title. Sorry to hear that you couldn’t have the stroller on the ice though. I think here in Victoria, they allow strollers on the ice. Maybe another trip back might be in the plans then? 😉

  3. Better than 5 months for pulling a ‘Bert, although I know you love them both. Love those shots, you’re really getting some awesome pictures on here!