Weekend fun

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This past Saturday night was a quiet one, we invited Krishen over for dinner and a movie … and got trapped in the midst of a puzzle. Six eyes, six hands, and several cups of coffee later there stood two towers that just hours earlier were a disorganized batch of foam rubble. The Bank of China and Central Plaza towers emerged on our table – scale models of the towers found in Hong Kong. A bit “straining” at time … the evening was actually a lot of fun. Melissa had pulled the puzzles out as a ‘side activity’ – but as most puzzles are, it was catchy and sucked us in for the whole evening. A big thanks has to go out to the Saunders for supplying the addictive substance (the puzzles) last christmas, just wish you had been here to enjoy them with us.
Beyond the weekend, Joe has had a busy week. Early this week he again began to roll over … this time back to front and VERY intentional. He really worked hard at it, moving his body weight and driving his face into the ground, finally pushing his body over … a full seven times over the day. Then the next morning we awoke to him on his back — he sleeps on his front? Hmmmm … though since then he has enjoyed playing on his side (to the point of falling asleep), but has no interest in moving over to his belly. He will even hold his arm out to balance himself as he is reaching for something … you can just see him saying “why roll over Dad? … where does that get me?”

Bahan Concerto #1 – a work in progress
Beyond that … he is now playing the pianoforte, providing us hours of entertainment. With him now sitting upright on his own he is able to really bang out some tunes … but he is not into duets nor background music (nothing to disturb his creative process) so Melissa and I are relegated to just sitting back and enjoying the music.

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