Shared milestones

Joe and I want to wish Melissa a happy birthday today. We should be enjoying a quiet night in after a full day out on the town this morning. And she even got just what she wanted … a new ______ which she has been asking for. Oh … plus a ____ to share … and a ____ ___________ for a ____ _______ when she wants one. After this last year … she desires it all!
And for a bonus today … it was Joe’s 4 month birthday. Which means? … a doctors visit! And for the little one – yes – 3 more needles. OUCH! But Joe was very good. Apparently this nurse was much better than the last one (which Melissa almost decked) … she was at least as kind as one can be in such a situation. Joe took really took it in stride … I am so very proud.
So … Joe is healthy and growing well. His leg strength and stepping skills were noted – which made Melissa and I quite proud. He has also now been told to start eating rice – so it is a proper meal at the dinner table for the family now (well once a day anyways). In a month we are to start introducing veggies … and then some fruit. This is so exciting …

One thought on “Shared milestones

  1. Oh boy!! Mad Libs!!! Let’s see, 3 nouns, 2 adjectives, and one activity…
    1. wicket
    2. toothbrush
    3. wobbly
    4. telly
    5. spurious
    6. dance