It could happen here

Photo courtesy of CNN – Category 5 hurricane Katrina striking the gulf coast
The northern Gulf Coast; Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and all the way up to Kentucky is reeling from Katrina’s wake. The storm blew through southern parts of Florida as a category 1, but as it hit the warm gulf waters it quickly grew in strength. The forecast went from a category 3 to 4 … and finally a category 5. Some people fled … others stayed … all have suffered.
They are looking at a total evacuation of the city of New Orleans for up to three months. The city is 10 ft. below sea level and guarded by a 15 ft. dyke … creating a very large swimming pool as the hurricane winds and massive surf came ashore.
This is just a wake-up call for us … we still have 2 more months of this years season. So getting preparations in order would be the smart thing to do.

One thought on “It could happen here

  1. Hello everyone:
    What great pics and movies of Joe walking and writing to grandma in the sand!My what a talented and and handsome grandson we have!
    Looks like he really enjoys the rice!!!
    hang in there Joe… cream is on the way!!
    Love to all,
    grandma Bev