6 thoughts on “What would you do with a four day weekend?

  1. I’d love to take a quick trip to Sarasota to see my favourite grandson. (I can say that now, since he is the only one). Pics on the web site certainly help to ease the pain of not having you guys close. Thanks for keeping up with the pictures. Uncle Rick is here so we have to find a minute so show him the web site.
    Love Mom

  2. It’s 4 a.m. – I can’s sleep so I am checking out flights to Florida! I was walking through the park on the Gorge the other day and thinking of being there with you!
    Such great pictures of that darling boy! Does he have parents? I didn’t see Cam playing with any of the toys..recycle roy??
    Hope you are all well, I miss you!
    Lots of love, mom (in Victoria)