Long week

Well, what a week. Started off with an update to the Screen Save Menu. So for, I have one bug report sitting in my basket (any others?) … otherwise I am looking at how to integrate a “charge” system and shareware lockout timers. Was planning to finish that up this week … but …
Lets just say I am looking forward to getting out of the office and back to the family. I actually like these times … makes me feel a little closer to the projects. I find suffering creates an emotional bond … a “part of me is in that” type of sediment. This can be good and bad for a company and its workers … strong emotions usually bring a little more TLC and thus better products – cause it means something to those working on it. However, strong emotions can also breed resentment if the projects are cancelled, changed from “above”, or people are moved/replaced before their parts are complete. An emotional minefield for managers … but I love riding the emotional high when it ships (even for demos) knowing that my, and my teams, hard work was the only thing that got it to where it is – which it probably why I do it … again and again and again!
Thinking pool time with Joe is a plan for this afternoon.

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