Baby bucks

New nappies and a new way of life
Over the last week we continued our even increasing “baby spending”. Our new cloth diapers arrived in the mail … and they work pretty well. They go on much like regular diapers, using velcro to fasten closed. Then you just slide over some plastic pants … and poof … your done. They fit him perfect and are completely reusable – what could be better?
Joe continues to grow, and we recently decided that it was time to grab a crib. After a couple weeks of browsing the stores we finally came across one at Walmart that fit our price range. After an “oops” of installing the sliding door (we put it on backwards) we needed to fix the springs and install it correctly. Generally, it is not a bad design for a crib lock … however, if installed backwards the springs (small folded pieces of metal) catch on the actual lock. This gives the immediate feedback of “its locked” but does not support much weight. We initially suspected the locking mechanism was defunct … but since it was a Graco product we started looking at where “we” put things together wrong. Turns out their setup manual sucked, though careful reading and examination of the crib (and a little engineering) got things all fixed and working properly. Don’t like how an “easy” mistake became such a critical safety hazard, had the manual contained better pictures (highly pixelized) and possibly a warning for installing the door we would have caught things much earlier.
But … the crib is up and Joe has been enjoying it (thanks to Amy and Erik for the mattress).

“My blanket seals the deal … I love my new bed!”

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