Final Candidate

Screen Saver Menu
Version 1.0
I am putting a final candidate release into the wild today. This little freeware utility is designed to address some of my workflow issues. There are times in the day where I would love to lock my screen to deter unwanted visitors. There are other times where I like the screen saver on but hate always typing in my password. And still, due to my typical usage, there are other times I find it annoying that the screen saver activates while I am reading or making notes at my desk. Thus, I came up with a manual screen saver launching tool, the Screen Saver Menu.
It allows me to change and launch the screen saver without loading any additional applications. I can instantly lock the screen or toggle the automatic screen locks ON state. And, in addition to supporting both system and user account screen savers, it fully supports iPhoto album selections.
Download it here
Requires: Mac OS 10.3 or higher
Please, let me know if you run into any troubles. I am thinking of making this a shareware application, $5 – $10, but would love to know your, customer, input on such things. Would you pay for this application?

One thought on “Final Candidate

  1. Wow, lots of new functionality. Love the ability to ignore the System Prefs->Security->”Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver” preference and just lock the screen.