Joe and Friends

Lamaze babies gather again
Once more we gather, all the couples and kidlets, for another Lamaze class reunion. Which is really just turning out to be a good excuse for a wack of us new parents to get together and shared problems, milestones, and fun stories. This time we met at Christopher and Shannon’s place, a big thanks to you two for putting on a great show … so good we did not leave until well past our bedtime.
But beyond the food and great company … they have a pool and we have swim trunks. This turned out to be a perfect day for Joe to take his first dip. So … we thought we would share it with you …


Created using iMovie. This can be so much fun … and only took about 3hrs to put together once the clips were completed.

4 thoughts on “Joe and Friends

  1. Oh man, that was awesome. Let me know when you’re ready to sign him up for private lessons, the 2024 Olympics are just around the corner…

  2. What great footage of the wee young man! He & Alicia will soon be having races…they grow way too fast!!