Cordless communication

Canada goose last seen on the banks of the Gorge
It should be noted that upon returning from our travels we discovered that our trusty cordless Sony handset that has lasted 6-7 years has finally sent us shopping. Not only did it need a new battery, but now it was not sitting on the charger correctly … or at least finding difficulty connecting to charge at all. So last night we bit the bullet (a $110 bullet excluding tax) and picked up a new phone, the Uniden TRU8860 Cordless 5.8GHz Digital.
So far, this is an improvement over the VTech we tried several months ago. Both handsets work concurrently, the menus are simpler, and it supports the 5.8GHz frequency (so we’re modern). But that is not to say it does not have problems. There is a slight “crackle” on the phone which is irritating … it comes and goes during the same conversation so it could be an “auto channel switch” or just external interference. The display backlight is orange … ick … and the textual display looks a bit squished at times. I am sure that that is all just things to get use to – overall I am quite pleased with my initial tests. The handset has a great weight, fits nice in the hand (or hanging on a belt), comes with numerous rings (making christmas that much more annoying … and fun), provides handset specific phonebooks and settings (allowing them to be ‘user specific’), and there is this “direct link” mode (? Time to read the manual I guess) that I still have to try. Hopefully we will be able to figure out this crackle as it will eventually drive us nuts.

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