Baby Tour ’05 draws to a close

After a brief delay in Phoenix we arrived back home at approximately 10:30PM last night (local time). It was good to get back home and sleep in ones own bed. Now, after getting up, it is time to empty the bags, wash the cloths, and generally make a mess of the clean house we left. We should be sorting through the pictures of the trip this evening – keep you fingers crossed. Once I get things organized a little here … I will head into work.
“They” say that it is better to take a full day once you get home, but I would rather get some of the email and general catch-up done. Leaves me to hit the office running tomorrow. That is not to say I managed to get out of bed at 7 this morning … it was a long day by plane.
We want to send out a big thank-you to everyone back home. We really enjoyed our trip and it was very hard to board the plane to come home. But we will be back again soon … in the mean time, please feel free to come enjoy the sunshine and the beaches we have here.

Panoramic shot from Calgary … click for a better view

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