Last Day

Ok … so lies in front of us the last day of our vacation. We travelled from the open plains to the rugged shores … and have pictures to prove it. I plan to entertain all of you once we get home and sort through them … approximately 800 photos so far – hope the little iMac is up for the job (Though maybe we need a new computer to help? 🙂 Melissa?).
Now, if you desire any goods, Tim’s coffee, Smarties, or other treats from the great white north (which is truly more green these summer days) you better let us know. Otherwise, we will see you all very soon…

2 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. Gee, so glad I took the time to import stuff for you. Why don’t you just give them what I paid for? Heck, you could sell what I bought you at a nifty profit couldn’t ya?!