Distant touch

Seems that our place back home is getting our first major hurricane of the season. Now, it is not like we have not been through this before – but at the moment we are not in town. Patches is home alone and our place was not prepared for this (stuff off the patio, windows taped, electronics moved from the windows).
A big THANK-YOU to Ines and Krishen for bringing all the stuff in from the porch. Latest news has the main part of the storm moving more to the west and away from Sarasota … which is good for us, but bad for those in panhandle, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana – as the storm will likely pick up steam heading across the gulf. Dropping from a cat 4 (131 – 150 mph winds) to a cat 1 as it crossed Cuba it has already returned to a cat 2 (at 105mph winds).
And while those in the southern states brace for the early start to this hurricane season … we are off to the Stampede and our last full day in Calgary, for tomorrow we head out to the Island.

One thought on “Distant touch

  1. As they say in French — “de rien!” — it’s nothing. Better safe than sorry 🙂 Take lots of pics at the Stampede! I’ve never been so I’m very curious.