BabyTour: Grounded

Views from the area … hoping to get a panorama done, thanks Ben
As we mentioned it is great to be home. The mountains in the back ground, the rolling hills up front, and the little details make us really wonder what we are doing so far away. They have long walking trails for biking or walking that wind along the banks of the Bow River that just draw you in for a stroll. The air is crisp in the morning while the sunny afternoons remain pleasantly warm. The sun still had not set by 9:30, seemingly extending our day … which is nice until Joe wants to wake up at 3-4 AM thinking it is his 6 o’clock feeding.
Our second day took us to church where we saw some of the wreckage the local flooding has caused (they were showing pictures of the summer camp cabins). Looked like a Hurricane had hit … trees pushed into windows, buildings pushed off their foundations, and heavy water damage to anything left at the camp.
Then it was off to visit with Great Grandpa Hemphill who is still recovering from a recent fall where he broke a hip. He remains in good spirits and has enjoyed the visits with Joseph … and we, as always, enjoy our visits with him.

Joe meets his great grandparents

Grandma has managed to snag some cuddle time herself

Joseph and Aunt Kari bond
This evening Kari and I set up a blog on TypePad for her to test out []. She has been looking for a way to get pictures on the web and do some write-ups about life. She is expecting to head out east in a few months so is looking for a way to share stories and photos with family and friends back home. I must say … the system was easy to setup and get running, and at $50/yr (or $5/mth) for 100MB of space the price is good too. I am looking forward to reading more about your life sis!

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