“It won’t hurt a bit … trust me”

Joe was caught sleeping on the job as we continue to pack for our trip
Today marked another milestone for Joe … the first round of shots came his way this afternoon. After a trip to Tampa to drop the Johnson’s off for their vacation, it was to the doctors for a little “pin-prick”. Medically speaking, Joseph is perfectly healthy; residing in the 40th percentile for head circumference, 50th for length … and dropping to the 80th percentile for weight as he tipped the scales at just under 13 pounds (though he was sick since his last appointment so we think he lost a little during that time). However, that nice nurse then turned evil and pulled out the nasty needles. Joe gave her a piece of his mind, but to no avail … all required vaccinations were administered. A little Tylenol and warm cloths helped ease the pain and allowed us to continue packing for our trip. Melissa thinks we are about 75% done … most of the rest will wait until Friday night.
We are so excited … just a couple more nights and one long plane ride. The Adventures of Joe continue!

2 thoughts on ““It won’t hurt a bit … trust me”

  1. No, No, Cameron! The clothes go in the suitcase, and the baby goes in the car seat. I don’t think the customs folk will let you sneak Joe across the border like that anyways.