Weekend stew

Joseph is getting really excited about the trip home!
We are down to our last week before the beginning of our tour and we starting to get really excited. I still don’t know how we are going to fit everyone it … but man, we are going to have such a blast. We have started packing bags, checking what fits and what doesn’t, collecting our paperwork (my passport runs out while I am home so have to have all the other documents), and double checking our lists — almost feels like christmas 🙂
On top of that, our weekend was spent shared with friends. Friday night we were once again out until the moon was high in the sky with Tiffany, Jordan, and their parents. Ok, Ok, the parents were all out late partying it up with Coach Carter and Chinese food while the kids slept. Saturday night was spent at another of Jeff’s BBQs – this time we really packed the house (and our stomachs). It was quite exciting as Ines, some may remember from last fall, was back in town and joined us for the evening.

First steps in the ocean (well guess technically “the gulf”)
And today we enjoyed an afternoon trip to the beach for some Johnson and Bahan beach-shot family photos. Returning home to a wonderful meal and several games of UNO … you know, that is quite a violent game. Sadly, this is likely going to be the last relaxing evening spent with them before they head out of town. We might catch them Monday or Tuesday to help pack … but it looks like it could be a while before we catch up with them again. We are really going to miss you guys!

Group shot of the Johnsons, Krishen, and the Bahan clan

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