Through the looking glass

Well … times … they are a changing. Over the last month we have had two tires blow on our car, a fuel pump issue that continues to hang in the balance, a DVD player once again start reporting strange errors, and to top it off – our coffee pot leaks. And that does not even address the fact that close friends are leaving town.
I know I missed listing something, this just seems to be the month that brings our lives back into balance. Over the last year we have been living on the crest of a wave; finances have started to come into order, we enjoyed the birth of our first child, and we continue to live in a vacation destination. The key here, how do we navigate the future?
Well, the possibility of a rent hike next spring has got us back looking for a house or condo. We have heard horror stories of rent being raised $80 and rent for our apartment size going above a grand … too rich for my blood. We have been living under the premise that the $1k mark is the hump between paying a mortgage and paying rent. A point at where I want to be putting my money to work rather than just paying for a service. So … now … how far am I willing to drive? And is a second car an option? All things that have to be taken into account.
It is just so funny how life works … when things go … they all go at once 🙂
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Melissa reminds me that we have also seen the loss of our PS2 system (that we accepted broken and fixed to begin with). Then the camera LCD screen seems to be malfunctioning, and we are losing values to our breast pump almost every time we wash the thing … small, washer like values, just scoot down the drain when we aren’t looking (we now have to look into a replacement, replacements kit). And we remain in the hunt for either a replacement cordless phone … or simply new batteries. Oh the perils!

4 thoughts on “Through the looking glass

  1. Thats right … the camera LCD is starting to act abnormally. Sometimes not turning of (or even turning off) as you attempt to twist it around at different angles. There has been a loose screw in the casing and I am curious to that being the problem … but being a software and not electrical guy – I have yet to dismantle the display 🙂 But I am thiiissssss close!!!!

  2. And I understand that the interest paid on a Mortgage can be deducted on your income tax, which would be awesome & is a luxury we in Canada can’t enjoy!! We also know about things breaking down all at once; last year it was 2 transmissions, Fridge, washing machine, cordless phone… Good luck with your home hunting… Cam, how about a scooter/motorcycle as it’s summer 90% of the time-no snow! Or are those highways/drivers just too crazy down there? Alicia’s over the Pox, just a few scabs/marks to disappear. Love to all Lynne

  3. You know, Cam, I’m surprised that you treat your values poorly that you let them go down the drain. Don’t you know how hard people are fighting to preserve family values?