Class reunion

Moms just love showing off the kids
With all lamaze babies now accounted for we thought we would gather again to compare notes and find out how everyone else was doing. I am happy to say that all babies are pretty darn cute, not to mention being healthy and happy! The oldest was born April 21st while the youngest is only 2 weeks old – that is only if you count those who made it through the classes (We had one couple split half way through! Those drop-outs!)

Basically we sat around all afternoon eating junk food and sharing memories and stories of the “early days”. The kids were great all day, just sleeping, eating and being merry with all the extra attention that was coming their way. After it was all over we stopped by the outlet stores (right around the corner) and managed to find some great new outfits at 50-70% off … now we are tired … and must sleep.

Rack ’em and stack ’em boys … we gotta go home!

2 thoughts on “Class reunion

  1. Awww…. that last photo is pretty cute. By “we” in “we stopped by the outlet stores” do you mean you and Melissa, or the whole group? Yikes if the latter. We’re coming to invade your store!!! HAHAHAHA!