10 and 0

The team … Spring 2005 Manatee Ultimate Champions
After a long drawn out season, it was finally time for the finals. This season has definitely been one of U.P.S.’s best. Missing some of our standard talent due to new families, work, or moving our numbers have dwindled a little. But we managed to keep a core group and add Monica to our roster – enough to keep the team with a couple subs. We ran the entire season undefeated and entered the playoffs with the other teams really gearing for us. Our streak continued through the semis leading us to last night. The big game.
Airborne, our challenger, came out in force, but by half time it was 8-2 UPS. The second half saw a small come back but we held on to win 15-8. We played well, winning through basic brute force rather than pretty plays. Monica is now on her way north again, postponing her vacation for this game. We would like to thank her for this past season … its been fun.
So, the future. There was has been a discussion started on running a ‘hat league’, where the teams are picked evenly (by skill level) each season. This would break-up the mundane, same four teams each season, approach we have had for 2 years now. It would also provide a more relaxed atmosphere for new players in the hopes of continued expansion of the sport. In addition, there is talk about forming a formal ‘club’ team out of the Sarasota area. So … talk in both directions. I like the rivalries that have sprung up … I like the team gel that has formed. But a friendly league that is geared to new players is also important. We will have to wait and see what happens … I have to figure out if my knees are going to hold out (maybe it is time to start getting into the gym).
Hopefully I will be able to catch a team tournament in Savanna at the end of August … we will have to see. Still miss the ice rink too …

Monica brought out lots of friends to cheer us on

Joe and Melissa are my support group

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