7 thoughts on “Game on!

  1. why would you subject the child to that jersey?
    i feel sorry for the cloth that it has been waisted on. hahahanow who ever chose the paints and mostly the stick knows how to choose a real team.

  2. Awesome pic! Doesn’t he just look like he’s beat from boys night out? Looks like HE’S the one who drank all our beer. Hold on, I think I’ve seen that face on his father before too…

  3. I think he’s thinking “Alright guys, have you had your fill of dressing me up and taking pictures yet”?

  4. Your probably right … but he has a long time before that stops 🙂 Sports, school, concerts, graduations, wedding … yea it will be a while before we stop dressing him up and taking pictures!!!

  5. Cam (Kari’s Cam), up to this point I have been in your corner with Kari’s big brother, but I think I feel the winds of change. See you in 16 days!

  6. Send this pic to the NHLPA, maybe they’ll feel some sympathy and get the negotiations over with! 😀
    i love it!