We all had fun at G-Wiz
Saturday evening we enjoyed the company of Eric, Amy, and Krishen for dinner and a movie. The Chorus was a great French film and dinner was superb – dinner recipe thanks Krishen.
Sunday evening it was a good-bye dinner for Monica. One of our spring season Ultimate stars. She came … she saw … we hope she gets to play in the championship game. A rain-out last week has pushed off the game and she is suppose to leave on Wednesday (or early Thursday morning). Just in case, enjoy Portland (after your little back-country holiday).

In other news, the last few days have also been filled with a goal of mine. I have been wanting to get back into doing some of my personal projects and last week I decided that one was going to get done. With Friday off I took to the computer and started work … the result … the first preview release of Screen Saver Menu is available.
This Mac OS X application (requires Mac OS X 10.3 – not yet tested in 10.4) allows the user to launch and configure the screen saver from the menu bar. This allows you to avoid using the limited hot-corners yet provides easy access to the the screen saver controls of the system.
This was truly developed for a personal need. At work I have a lengthy timer on the screen saver since I hate always logging back in because I have been working on a different box. Yet, I would like to lock my screen before heading to lunch or meetings. This application provides that functionality with the added bonus of providing a switch for the screen password lock as well as the ability to select from your available screen savers.
Download it, try it, let me know what you think. Though, since this is a early preview release it is marked as ‘use at your own risk’. I am interested if any one else finds this useful? Any features missing?

2 thoughts on “Electric

  1. Nice idea. Doesn’t work quite right on Tiger though. Can’t change the Screen Saver, or toggle the Lock option. I can start it and configure it though.

  2. Guess there is still some work to do then eh 🙂 … probably just a change in where (name or path) the preferences are stored. In panther the screen saver prefs are host-id specific and reside in a sub-folder of the preferences directory.
    Thanks for being the guinea pig on that one!