Marie Selby Bontanical Gardens

“He can call me flower if he wants to”
Today we enjoyed another day with Joseph’s new friends, this time at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. We headed out early hoping to beat the heat … which to our delight never came. Turned out to be a perfect day for a garden walk with the three little ones.

Right to left: Jae, Cynthia, and Jordan – Christopher, Shannon, and Tiffany – Melissa, Joe and myself

Another group shot … hangin’ out has been so much fun
After leaving the gardens we stopped to grab a pizza for lunch. Then it was to Jae and Cynthia’s for a quite afternoon.
While waiting for the pizza I took Joseph in for a diaper change … which turned into a impromptu bath. Apparently the long walk in the park was a little too much for the diaper! The cold water of the restroom sink did not go over well and Joe was not very happy with daddy. Mom was much nicer and gave him another bath this evening … warmer water seemed to go over much better.

After we got home we all enjoyed a long nap
Christopher posted a gallery of the days events
I also added more pictures in our photo gallery

One thought on “Marie Selby Bontanical Gardens

  1. Hey Cam, if this is the first it probably will not be the last. Blow outs usually mean that it’s time for the next size diaper. At least that what we learned. Especially if there are more than one in a couple of days.
    Here’s a little idea: Johnson and Johnson have disposable washcloths with soap on them and Huggies have disposable washcloths without soap. They are great. I usually keep a couple of each in the diaper bag. Makes cleaning the babies easier than using the paper towels in the bathrooms.
    They’re also great for clean up the kids when they have started feeding themselves and you’re at a restaurant.