Can you believe it? 1 month old … already

It has now been 1 month since we enjoyed the experience of childbirth. And believe it or not … life is only getting better. He is continuing to grow, too fast one might say, and gain better control of his muscles. He now is smiling in recognition and tracking movement around the room. He has started to find his voice, fussing when uncomfortable and requesting to be fed when hungry. He likes being cuddled … but really enjoys belly time on the floor. In fact, he prefers his stomach to his back. He has began to get use to traveling in the car … as long as it is not too warm out.
He is now going about 4-5 hours, on average, between feeding and stretches about 6 hours during the night. [Approx daily feeding schedule: 12am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 6pm, 9pm] He is downing about 4-5 ounces of milk at a sitting, though it is less during the 3 hour feedings.
We have tried to stick to our normal routine, though somethings have shifted a little. I am still making Ultimate on Thursday nights, we enjoy date night each Wednesday … we have visited Mote, watched a Movie at the theater, and shopped the mall a couple times. Not to mention a couple BBQs at friends places and several dinners out at restaurants. Joseph is very good and seems to enjoy getting out of the house as much as we do.
We look forward to all the months still to come.

Do you have to be so loud?

Stretching the muscles

Dad, can I take a ride?

2 thoughts on “Can you believe it? 1 month old … already

  1. Eating 6-8 times a day, hmmm, sure he’s not related to ME? It’s so awesome to see him growing and progressing regularly. I’ll try harder not to “uncle buck” (or worse)