Memorial Day Gathering

Jordan and Joseph – sharing childhood memories
It was a beautiful day to launch the start of summer (unofficially at least). There was steaks, chicken, and salmon on the grill … beer in the fridge … and something called snikers salad for dessert. Oh, and of course watermelon.
Jae, Cynthia, and Jordan were once again kind enough to invite us for another delicious BBQ. There we met-up with another couple from our lamaze classes, Christopher and Shannon and their little girl, Tiffany. Just as Jae says, it seems some of the best things to come out of the classes was meeting the other people. It is nice to know that the blow-out diaper accidents and the many “is the baby ok?” questions are not just happening to us. All three babies are all healthy and growing … sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow. And today they were great, they slept while we ate and ate while we chatted … one could not ask for a more pleasant afternoon.

Christopher plays with Tiffany as she wakes from her nap

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