Joe’s first movie

So we took Joe out to his first movie theater experience today … and what better to start with than Star Wars playing on the big screen. (Funny note: I was born in the year Episode 4 was released and Joe was born in the year Episode 3 was released … coincidence?) The movie was quite enjoyable … the fight scenes were fun and it fit into the star wars realm just fine. Sometimes I think people put too much weight on a series of films that were only ever intended to be fun. As for this 3rd film of the series, it really pulls the strands together … though it was a little depressing seeing our “hero” turn evil, if thats a spoiler … oops! but that is just it … your not surprised, more thinking “how?” than “if?” In the end it felt sudden, but that may have just been the disappointment of destiny (the problem with writing the future before the present).
We caught the 10AM movie to avoid the crowds … we were bringing a baby after all. Figured the early showing was for kids … as it turns out that only about 1 in 5 were kids (strange?) but the theater was not busy. After the show we grabbed lunch at AppleBees before heading home to a relaxing afternoon.

Picking up the waitress

Helping Dad do some work

“Now … my Nuk is that way right?”
Joe and I tried something new today … we tried to have a bath in the tub. Mom previously just gave sponge baths – so this was a big step. The water was warm and helped with the belly gas, I think he likes just being clean. In fact, he quite enjoyed the experience … I am sure bath time will become quite the event.

Ahh dad!

Remember to scrub behind the ears

3 thoughts on “Joe’s first movie

  1. Didn’t you check the movie rating? It’s PG-13!! I don’t think he’s quiet old enough to be seeing things like that yet. 🙂
    So, how was the movie?

  2. I liked it … it was fun … much like the first 2. Bright colours, fancy effects. But it tied the stories together … I almost watched A new hope when I got home 🙂

  3. 😀 nice pics!
    i did the same thing came, got home and watched episode 4 / 5 /6 haha 🙂