Still a Maple Leafs fan!

Congrats Darren!
This past Thursday Darren took “the pledge”, the pledge of allegiance. He finally sold his soul and took the final step in naturalization – which makes Darren a full fledged american. And any such event is worthy of a party, and it was a great one put on by his dad.
The man may give up Tim’s, and good tasting beer … but, can he still consider himself a Leaf fan?

Joseph meets Jordan

This evening we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Jae and Cynthia’s place with their newborn baby girl; Jordan. Jae and Cynthia (and I guess Jordan) were in our Lamaze classes and then ended up next door during delivery. As it turned out, Joseph and Jordan have the same birthday (only just hours apart) – so we thought it would be fun to get together and introduce the two of them.
Dinner was excellent (BBQ ribs and chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed veggies … yummy! ), the kids were extremely well behaved, and we all enjoyed an evening of getting to know each other … though as it turns out Jae found our website while searching for information on the Tandor restaurant, so he already knew quite a bit. All in all, it was an evening of good food and great company … thanks guys!

2 thoughts on “Still a Maple Leafs fan!

  1. So tell me this. How do you come across bahanclan while looking for Tandor restaurant. Just curious.

  2. Well, Google (and other search engines) use some key variables to determine if they think a website is a relevant match for what you searched for. Things like when the site was last updated and how many people link to you are key items in determining if you are “important”. This in addition to how well you match the search strings.
    So, since the restaurant itself does not have a website and I update regularly and I matched most of the requested string … thus I came up in the results (Search: “Tandor Sarasota”) (from this posting)
    What I found funny is that I got a better result from mentioning a restaurant I liked that when people actually look up our last name (Search: “Bahan” … guess I am not that important yet!
    Other insight? … if you have more input into web searching – please share. I am not up on how it all works though I do find it an interesting topic (brings me back thinking about Technobabel … hmmm).