Is it suppose to be broken?

So, it has been a couple days since the car went into the shop so I decided to give the guy a call and check on the progress.
“Well …” he said, “… it works just fine. Did you say there was a problem?”
Turns out, he went out to the car and it would not start. Grabbed the diagnostic equipment and the technician … hooked everything up … and Ta-da! Now the car started just fine … no problems. Starts, runs, everything is good. Technician apparently said something like “what do you need me for again?”
He has since tried to get it to fail and nothing. So … he will try again tonight and tomorrow morning. Then do a wheel alignment and I will pick it up … only to be stuck Saturday morning with a non-running car in our parking lot … AND with the mechanic no at the garage until Monday. Gah! You know its going to happen.
Suggestion … give the car a good kick in the butt. No seriously, apparently you can “kick-start” the fuel pump if you bang the gas tank while you turning over the engine. Added bonus … if such a “fix” works then it is a 90% chance that the fuel pump is gone and we can go ahead with the $700 repair.

One thought on “Is it suppose to be broken?

  1. Melissa, you look great!! Motherhood must be agreeing with you. When people say how cute Joey is, Kurt’s comments are that the pics can’t show how cute he really is. Hope I can get down there soon.
    Love Mom B.