Car trouble

My poor Cavalier
So, this morning I get up, head downstairs, get in the car and …. roov-roov-roov-roov … roov-roov-roov !!!!! She was turning over but not catching. Maybe she needs a cup of coffee as bad as I do?? So it was back upstairs and to the phone for me – time to find a mechanic with a couple hours to spare.
Suspicion is the fuel pump. We have been noticing a problem starting more and more over the last few months … progressively getting worse. I was hoping that it was the fuel filter and spark plugs and had those replaced ($200+) a couple weeks ago … but I guess not eh! (I knew this before today but just have not put her in the shop)
So … I am still waiting for quotes from a couple places, but according to the GM dealer it will be about $780 to fix the fuel pump (ouch!) on the 2000 Chevy Cavalier. Since I was taking her in I figured lets check on a couple other things coming up … so front wheel alignment $79.95 … and the clutch (5 years and 115,000+ km) is $1800 (double-ouch! Heck I could get a new transmission for that!). So I am really hoping for some better prices from these other places.
Man … when it rains it pours eh?

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