Weekend Relaxation

It has been a busy couple weeks
While it was an exciting few weeks with family in town (check out some photos Krishen has up on Kurts’ last day), it is also nice to have a weekend break. We got the house cleaned up, shared in family time, and got some much needed sleep. I even got a chance to give my first feeding … which I must say was pretty cool. Up until now I have been seen only as the “one who changes dippers and holds me when the ‘bottle’ (ie Mom) is busy” … not no more!!!

My turn to shared in the food services industry
We also managed to provide some much needed belly time to Joseph as we cleaned the house. He has been really active on his belly, building both his upper and lower body strength … plus he does not seem to mind unless he is hungry or dirty (Kurtis? You around??). Hey, it seems easy to sneak in a nap when one gets tired 🙂

Sleeping comes after playtime
Though he and his friends also enjoy watching us work around the house from ‘the chair’ …

Cuddling with his first ducky (thanks Heidi)

Sharky is snuggles in just perfect

4 thoughts on “Weekend Relaxation

  1. Great pics – – yourlittle boy looks cute and contented. Congrats to mommy and daddy.
    Lucky grampa and uncle curt!!

  2. No worries. Cam and I had a good laugh about it!
    There were many things going on in the house, It is understandable that things would be missed.