Vacation fun

… from Kurtis
Having both Kurtis and Dad in town over the last several days (weeks) has been great. We enjoyed the company and all three of us are sad to see you leave. Dad (Grandpa) left Wednesday while Kurtis is heading out bright and early tomorrow morning. (Coffee is on right?)

Over the last few days the guys got a chance to see the plant and catch a sunset (never missing the ice cream). Kurtis managed a day down in Venice looking for shark teeth, though I think he spent more time playing in the water than actually searching for teeth since he is the only one I know to not find any. And today … we enjoyed Siesta with sand, sun, and good food.
It has been great having you here, catch you again in July!

The boys…

Joseph enjoyed the visit

Enjoy the snow back at home 🙂

One thought on “Vacation fun

  1. Ummm hellooo former Canadians, but uh, the snow is like, gone….
    although one does expect surprises every now and then, the temp usually sits at a solid, um, 70 (most days, and usually by noon).
    O.k., I’m jealous…